We have developed fully comprehensive maintenance programs for all our vessels. Experienced and qualified personnel closely monitor and ensure that hull machinery and equipment are properly maintained. We plan and attend dry docks, repairs and other surveys. We optimize vessels’ performance by minimizing costs, while always ensuring safe and efficient operation of the fleet. We act proactively on the implementation of the ever-growing national and international regulations.

We diligently implement a ship specific planned maintenance system enabling maintenance tasks to be carried out timely, thus ensuring the reliable and continuous operation of the ship and its equipment. Defects are rectified promptly and in line with class rules.
The company has strong technical expertise and vast experience in major upgrading, retrofitting, conversions and repairs. Maintaining our vessels to the highest standards of industry is our top priority, thus ensuring their most efficient performance and first class service to our clients. Always up-to-date with technological improvements, we make use of the latest information technology and communications equipment.
We offer extensive services of ship and shipyard inspections, before any purchase, on behalf of our clients, as part of our support solution services. Due to the experience of our team, our clients can benefit from the full disclosure and reporting of any findings and avoid hidden costs.
Our experienced team supports the officers and crew on board to execute the voyage safely and efficiently, while monitoring port dues and procuring high quality bunkers in a cost effective manner. Our commercial department provides post fixture support to the vessels, maintains proper communication between charterers and owners, so as to safeguard the smooth execution of each and every voyage. We have an open line of communication with the masters on board the fleet, ensuring the highest level of safety during sea voyages.
Through our exclusive collaboration with the crewing office, established in Philippines, our dynamic staff recruit and select the most competent and skilled personnel. We maintain personal and evaluation records while trying to promote from within. Seaman qualification and licenses comply with international shipping conventions. Our high retention policy comes hand in hand with our well trained masters and officers.
The company recognizes the importance of the human element in the safe operation of ships and has developed specific procedures and instructions for the recruitment placement, familiarization and training of personnel in accordance to their duties and identified needs. We take great pride and reliability in our seafarers.
Our fleet is provided with the necessary resources and shore based support. We timely supply high quality requested goods, services and safety equipment.

Through our economies of scale and collective agreements and contracts, we are able to secure cost competitive stores, spares and services. Mixed skills help us secure long-standing relationships based on mutual respect and trust with our suppliers.
Strict budgeting and cost control processes are in place for all vessels under management. Our detailed reporting, which is fully customizable according to our clients’ needs, allows us to keep track of budgeted vs actual expenses and monitor the exact cash flow of the vessel and the company.
Audited Financial Statements are prepared according to IFRS.
Our company offers full legal and insurance support. We have developed close business relationships with a large number of leading law firms in the shipping industry and are able to provide attentive and cost effective services.         
Insurance services include Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, Kidnap and Ransom and Extra War Risk Insurance. We cooperate with some of the most respected underwriters and insurance brokers in the market. We have succeeded to combine top quality services with competitive premium prices.
Our safety management system (SMS) is designed to ensure that the company’s activities are sufficiently controlled to protect personnel, property and the environment from all risks and hazards that can be reasonably expected. The SMS is designed to operate within the requirements of ISM Code, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.
Safety & Environmental Protection
We ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life and avoidance of damage to the environment, in particular, to the marine environment and to property. Specifically:
  • We provide for safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment.
  • We establish safeguards against all identified risks.
  • We continuously improve safety management skills of personnel ashore and onboard ships, including preparation for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection.
  • We comply with all Flag legislation, Classification Society rules and port regulations.
  • We implement applicable codes, guidelines, Rightship & industry standards.
Quality Management
Customer satisfaction, of the top quality management services we provide, is met by fulfilling the maritime industry’s requirements as well as the contractual obligations of our charter parties or contracts.
Security Management
We constantly safeguard the security of our shipboard personnel, ship’s cargo and ports visited by stopping unauthorized access onboard and preventing use of the ship for illegal actions.